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Noticias Diciembre 2022

2022 Huawei Spain Core Partner Convention Successfully Celebrated in Villa Laureana, Madrid

CGM Telecomunicaciones estuvo allí !!!

On June 7th of 2022, the 8th Huawei Spain Rep Office Core Partner Convention was held at Villa Laureana in the North of Madrid. More than 120 guests, director of over 30 core Engineering Procurement Partners, Logistics Procurement Partners, Integration Procurement Partners and Administration Procurement Partners, and Directors of Huawei West European Region and Huawei Spain gathered for the event.

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First of all, Mr. Bell Yang, Procurement Director of Huawei West European Region, delivered an opening speech for the convention. He recalled his work experience at Huawei Spain more than 10 years ago and the unforgettable time to work side by side with local partners to make a breakthrough in the Vodafone Wireless Project. Mr. Bell Yang expressed his sincere gratitude to the partner for their support and outstanding contributions to Huawei Spain, especially in the last two difficult years of the pandemic. At the same time, Mr. Bell Yang encouraged that partners could seize the opportunity together with Huawei, proactively make the transformation, deepen cooperation, and achieve a win-win future

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Ms. Huang Lin, Huawei Spain CFO, delivered a keynote speech on “HUAWEI IN SPAIN, FOR SPAIN”. Ms. Huang Lin guided the guests to review Huawei’s Global and Huawei Spain´s financial report data, R&D investment, and latest business and industry progress in the past year. It also introduced Huawei Spain’s long-term and solid cooperation relationship with local government institutions, enterprises, exchanging of high-level visits, the contributions to Spain Society and the implementation of Huawei’s Cyber Security in Spain. At the end of the speech, Ms. Huang Lin closed the presentation with Huawei Global Vision of “Bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world”.

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Then, Mr. Jackie Huang, CNBG Director of Huawei Spain, introduced the current situation and strategies of Spain’s Carrier Business,shared the success cases of Huawei’s support for carrier customers in the past year, the current situation of ICT infrastructure construction in Spain’s Recovery Plan, and the huge potential opportunities in the future. Mr. Jose Capote, Marketing and Network Strategy for Operator Director of Huawei Spain, presented the topic “Lighting Up the Future”and introduced Huawei’s solutions plan focus on some popular topics as digital life, 5G commercial use, fiber acceleration, storage and cloud services for the digital future, and green ICT.

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Mr. Ethan Zhang, Sales Director of the Enterprise Business and Marketing Solution of the Huawei Spain, shared the main business of the Enterprise Business to all the guests through dynamic picture and short videos. The linkage through global wireless network, cloud storage, and intelligent operation and maintenance, Huawei provides the best and the highest quality products and solutions to customers such as governments, enterprises, manufacturers, schools, hotels, real estate and transportation giving more valuable services for enterprise customers.

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Digital Power, a new business in Spain, was presented at the Partner Convention for the first time. Mr. Daniel Boluda, Digital Power Business Director of Huawei Spain, delivered a keynote speech on «BUILDING A GREENER WORLD». Mr. Daniel introduced Huawei’s commitment to integrating digital and power electronics technologies to develop clean energy and energy digitalization, promoting the energy revolution and building a green and bright future together. In the field of clean power generation, promote the construction of new power systems with the theme of new energy; In terms of energy digitalization, build a twin system between the digital world and the energy world to improve energy production and usage efficiency. In terms of ICT energy infrastructure, help to build green, low-carbon, and intelligent data centers and communications networks. In terms of green travel, redefine the driving experience and safety of electric vehicles, and accelerating transportation electrification process.

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Mr. Steven Zhou, VP of Delivery and Service of Huawei Spain, shared a speech on the 2022 delivery and service strategy. Mr. Steven Zhou first summarized the achievements made in 2021 and thanked all partners for their contributions and strong efforts. Looking ahead to 2022, he hoped that all core partners will continue to focus on customer satisfaction, accelerate 5G delivery resource preparation, and digital transformation. Mr. Steven Zhou introduced the status and requirements of the RSC service in Spain, also emphasized that partners need to work with Huawei in terms of delivery quality, EHS, cyber security, and privacy protection to ensure secure and high-quality delivery with Huawei.

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At the second part of the convention, Ms. Zuki Wong, Procurement Director of Huawei Spain, expressed her thanks to the partners for their hard work and outstanding performance and contribution in the past years. Then, Mr. Lu Jun showed Huawei Spain, Huawei West Europe and Huawei Global Procurement Business Situation in 2021, and introduced the Procurement Strategy Requirements for 2022 to partners from multiple perspectives, including Delivery Quality Management, Delivery Assurance. Requirements, EHS, Cyber Security, Privacy Protection, Innovation Cooperation, and Mainstream Convergence. It also highlighted Huawei’s Procurement Redline, Cooperation Violations, Zero Tolerance to Corruption and Official Complaint Channels.

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Mr. Frank Ren, Network Assurance Director of Huawei Spain, delivered a keynote speech with the topic of Working Together to Deliver Secure Products and Service to our Customers, introducing Huawei’s major Cyber Security Privacy Protection Guidelines and Supplier Partner Management Framework, and briefly analyzing representative cyber security incidents in Spain and their impacts. At the end of the speech, Mr. Frank Ren emphasized that Cyber Security, Privacy Protection, and EHS are basic requirements for long-term mutual trust and cooperation between Huawei and Partners

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And one of the most important parts of the convention is the partner experience sharing. There were total three core partners Eulen, O.F.G and Jobandtalent, which from different business areas were invited to the convention and the representative of each partner had shared their business with Huawei to all the guests. Al of them they have been cooperating with Huawei for many years and have made outstanding contributions to Huawei’s business in their respective service and had grown up together with Huawei. At the same time, other four core partners were invited to share their experiences of long-term cooperation with Huawei in short videos.

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The final Awards Ceremony drove the convention atmosphere to a climax. Seven Engineering Procurement Partners, Three Integration Procurement Partners, and Two Administration Procurement Partners were recognized and awarded by Huawei Spain for their outstanding performance and contributions in their respective fields. In addition to the management level representative of Huawei Spain, Ms. Wang Xin, CFO of Huawei West European Region, Mr. Ni Xuyao, Network Technology Director of Huawei West European Region, and Mr. Wang Gui, Supply Chain Director of Huawei West European Region, Mr. Zhan Yang, Project Management Director of Huawei West European Region, and Mr. Bell Yang, Procurement Director of Huawei West European Region, were invited to this convention and presented awards to the awarded partner.

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After the Award Ceremony, Mr Eric Li, CEO of Huawei Spain, delivered a closing speech. Mr. Li said that Huawei’s main goal is to continue the contribution in the digital transformation of society and promote the development of the digital economy, especially in Spain. Huawei expects partners to be important part in this process and also an important part of Huawei’s growing collaboration ecosystem. Finally, Mr. Eric Li thanked the partners for their support and looked forward to seeing them again at the convention.