Acoustic Engineering

  • Arquitechtonic Acoustics / Auditoriums: Auditoriums, Theaters, Concert rooms, Opera, Conference halls, Cultural centers, Museums, Exhibition centers, Music schools. 
  • Arquitechtonic Acoustics / Construction: Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Health centers, Schools, Universities, Offices, Malls, Cinemas, Discotecs, Sport centers, Pools, Basic document HR "protection against noise (CTE)".
  • Environmental noise: Urban areas, Transport areas, Protected areas, Activity areas, Noise prediction, Noise maps. 
  • Industrial noise: Labor areas, noise impact and noise maps, Production areas, Acoustic audits, Noise reduction measures, Noise control, Planning of solutions.
  • Vibrations: Environmental, Construction, Industrial, Sources detection, Spectral and statistic analysis, Efective anti-vibration systems.  
  • Courses and seminars.


  • Laboral context: Radio electromagnetic level measurements and maps, Monitoring, Preventive solutions, Design and implementation of solutions, Isolation. 
  • Industrial and contruction context: Measurements on the range of OHz to 40GHz, Interference detection, Electromagnetic compatibility studies and audits. 
  • Environmental context: Estrategic environmental evaluation, Preventive solution for electromagnetic polution, Analysis of sensitive areas.


  • Commissioning and integration of systems on customer networks: Especialized on multivendor technology for fix and mobile access networks, backbone IP, DWDM transport networks and Switching. 
  • Acceptance and testing protocols: Remotely or local.
  • Technical support
  • Customer applications management and network monitoring: Alarms monitoring, Software updates/upgrades, Ticketing and dispatching, Incident management.
  • FTTH network engineering: Feasibilities, Designs, Budgeting.
  • Quality testing on FTTH networks: Fake customer testing.
  • WIFI networks quality analysis.

Project Management

  • Implementation of project management offices for our customers (PMO): 
    • Supportive PMO: Reports preparation, Data consolidation on project DDBB, Purchase orders managmeent, Basic planning, Budget follow up.  
    • Analytic PMO analítica: Performing project risk analysis assesment for taking the proper decisions. 
    • Control PMO de control: Project teams coordination on Telecommunication, Industrial and Civil works context.
    • Directive PMO: E2E project management service


  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Industrial engineers 
  • Civil Works engineers 
  • Computing engineers
  • Office clerks

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